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Samuel, former drug addict

In 2011, Samuel enrolled into HCSA Highpoint after he finally decided to break the cycle of addiction to drugs of 40 years.

Since he took his first puff of marijuana at 13 years old, marijuana soon turned into methaqualone (MX) pills, which then turned into morphine. As his family was too busy grappling to make ends meet and coping with the death of his father, they didn’t notice his spiral descent with drug addiction.

Samuel has lived through four decades of desperately wanting to change, making good progress and plunging right back into the lifestyle he swore to keep away from. Many had given up on him. Even he had given up on himself.

But through his time at Highpoint, Samuel was able to break free from drug addiction.

Today, he is a programme manager at Highpoint as well as a recovery coach and trainer in the Singapore Prisons, where he journeys with other men through their addictions.

Over the past ten years, he has worked hard for a diploma and a higher diploma in social work, and is now hoping to earn a Masters in Counselling “at the ripe old age of 65” so that he can be better equipped to help those in the throes of addiction.

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Christopher, former drug addict

The Highpoint staff have been pivotal in my journey to recovery, as they took the time to build friendships with me. They offered me advice, gave me counselling, and helped shape my new perception on life.

The A.I.M programme by Highpoint has also been very beneficial. It made me feel less alone as it is difficult to tell the outside world about my past. I feel like there's a community that I can rely on who understands me and supports me.

My son is the reason behind me changing my life, and Highpoint has provided the support that I’ve needed to do so. I'm now optimistic about my future!

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Wayne, youth ex-offender

Two months before my release from prison, I heard about HCSA and their culinary academy. Even though I had prior experience in F&B - being a hawker before, I wanted to further my knowledge, sharpen my skills and build on my foundations.

I really enjoyed every moment of the course, both the ups and downs. But the moment that I'll always remember will be my graduation day because I was presented the "Best Trainee" Award! It meant a lot that I was able to make my mom happy and proud once again, especially after many rebellious years.

Now, I hope to open a social enterprise café that specialises in great coffee and Western-Indonesian fusion food!

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Zulkifli, former drug addict

I had been addicted to drugs since NS and I wanted to change. But I knew I needed support, so I came to Highpoint.

Even at Highpoint, my life wasn't perfect. In fact, there was once when I intended to escape. Thankfully, a staff approached me in time and changed my mind. He guided me to face my problems instead of running away from them. From there, I saw how the Highpoint staff were genuinely concerned about supporting my recovery.

Today, I am drug-free and this is something I'm very proud of. I now have a career and Highpoint has become a strong pillar of support whenever I have problems to share.

My hope is to continue being drug-free till the day I die. Of course, there will be many obstacles but this recovery journey is for life.

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