Everesting For Second Chances

To err is human. We all deserve second chances.

At HCSA Community Services, this is what we believe in, and is why Everesting for Second Chances was started to galvanise our community to support our ex-offenders towards rebuilding their lives.

As its name suggests, this event has much to do with the world's tallest mountain. But don't fret. You won't actually need to scale Mount Everest!

Join us and be a part of this unique cycling challenge that will not only test your physical limits, but also help others reach new heights in life.
Registration Period
24 Apr 2024 to 31 Jul 2024
Challenge Period
1 Jun 2024 to 31 Jul 2024
Fundraising Period
24 Apr 2024 to 31 Aug 2024
Elevation gain to date
Number of Participants
Number of Teams



Pricings & Entitlements

All participants are required to use STRAVA (a GPS-enabled physical exercise tracking app) to record their elevation gain as proof of completion. The recorded activity can be done at any location and time. A registration fee is required for participation in this campaign, part of the proceeds goes towards the donation pool of this campaign.
Type Individual Team of 4
Early Bird
(24 Apr to 7 May 2024)
$58.00 $210.00
Standard $68.00 $250.00
Participant's Entitlements

Everesting T-shirt

Everesting Draw String Bag

Complimentary Insurance Coverage by Tiger Advisory Group

BikeBaju $10 voucher

Up to 20% discount at Ciclo E Caffe
More attractive goodies awaits.
Entitlements can be collected during the Everesting event and Family Carnival on 29 June 2024.

#EverestingForSecondChances Jersey

BikeBaju, Southeast Asia's leading cycling apparel lifestyle brand is the official jersey sponsor of Everesting For Second Chances 2024. This year's 8848m Finisher's Jersey is inspired by the determination to conquer life's constant uphill challenges.

The Finisher's Jersey is complimentary for each participant who completes 8848m in a single acitivty. It is available for purchase at $78 when you accumluate 8848m within the 2-month challenge period.
Do not miss the upcoming event, Who should attend?

Everesting Event

Thinking of Everesting? How about doing it with fellow participants and with ex-offenders?

Join us on this event where we will host and support participants with their virtual Everesting within a 24-hour time frame.

There will be onsite guidance and support ranging from medical to mechanical, with meals and refueling provided. More importantly, experience the camaraderie with fellow Everesters.

Additional fee applies for this specially organised event to ensure you and your friends may conquer your 8848m confidently and safely.
29 Jun 2024
8.30am till next day 8.30am
1 Lor 23 Geylang, Singapore 388352

Family Carnival

In partnership with Families for Life, and in support of the National Family Festival, we’re introducing a new and much-anticipated Family Carnival to complement the indoor physical event of virtual Everesting!

Packed with an array of vibrant activities and experiences; ranging from stage performances, delicious food, games, bouncy inflatables and unique finds at the flea market, the carnival is set to ignite a spirit of togetherness and camaraderie while championing the invaluable support network for ex-offenders, their families, and participants of the Everesting challenge.

Join us for this fun-filled fiesta, while fostering support for ex-offenders in their reintegration journey to rebuild their lives.
29 Jun 2024
11am - 7pm
1 Lor 23 Geylang, Singapore 388352


Most Elevation Gain
Rank Participant Name Team Name Elevation Gain (m)
You might be the first.
Rank Participant Name Team Name Elevation Gain (m)
You might be the first.
Rank Team Name Elevation Gain (m)
Your team might be the first.
Most Fund Raised
Rank Participant Name Team Name Fund Raised
1 Chewy Pedal de Feminine $710.00
2 Eva AIMS AIMS Team $140.00
3 Audrey Kok Pedal de Feminine $130.00
Rank Participant Name Team Name Fund Raised
1 kahkah Joshua $3,430.00
2 Pohhow $381.00
3 Randy.G JACC01 $340.00
Rank Team Name Fund Raised
1 Pedal de Feminine $840.00
2 JACC01 $340.00
3 AIMS Team $240.00

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