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Updated on 7 Jun 2023
About the event
Yes, everyone is welcomed to participate in this fundraising campaign!

Please ensure that you have a Strava account that is set to public. This will allow our leaderboard to be synced to your logged activities. Please name all uploaded attempts as “Everesting for Second Chances”. Check back on the leaderboard to see your rankings.

You can use a non-Strava device to record your activities, however you MUST upload these activities onto Strava to be eligible for this fundraising campaign challenge. Just make sure all devices are Strava-compatible!
  1. All donations received would be apportioned as follows:
    1. Up to 20% will be used to cover the operational cost of this campaign
    2. Remaining 80% goes to HCSA Highpoint
  2. All donations received during the Everesting for Second Chances campaign period (from 1 June to 31 July 2023) will be treated as donations to HCSA Community Services (HCSA).
All entitlements will be shipped out 4-6 weeks after the end of the campaign.

You can register for the race by clicking on the 'Sign Up' button and select to join as 'An Individual'. There is no registration fee. You will be asked to fundraise/donate a minimum amount, depending on the distance category that you wish to sign up for, to help us to fundraise.

Upon successful registration, you will receive a confirmation email to your registered email. If it does not appear in your Inbox, do check your Junk/Spam folder.
Participants aged 18 years old and below should be accompanied by parents or guardians and parental/guardian consent should be obtained.
You will receive an email confirmation to your registered email address upon successful registration.
You may have entered a wrong email address. Kindly email us at with your account verification details.
Please note that one email address can only be used to register for the event once. To register another participant, you will have to use another email address to register.
Team Registration

To register for a New Team, please click on the 'Sign Up' button and select the 'Team Leader of a New Team' option and a team code will be issued to you (Team Leader). Remember to share the team code for the rest of your team members to use during their registration.

To join an Existing Team, please click on the 'Sign Up' button and select 'New Member of an Existing Team' option. Remember to use the team code provided by your Team Leader.

There is no maximum number of members for team sign up.

Please note that one email address can only be used to register for one account (participant). i.e., each participant will need to have their own account to participate in the event.
All team members will need to clock their own activities and complete their category selected. Only team members who have achieved their category will be allowed to receive the event entitlements.
Tracking and logging of activities
The campaign leaderboard will be refreshed periodically throughout each day. It will take up to 4 hours before your activities are updated on the leaderboard. If any irregularities occur, please email us at We will do our best to resolve the issue and respond to you as soon as possible.

Yes. However, do note that you will not be entitled a free finisher cycling jersey if you do so.

Those who complete the challenge over multiple attempts will have to purchase the jersey.

You can use other tracking apps like Garmin to record your activities, however you MUST upload the data to Strava afterwards as the system will not recognise data from other apps.

Please be reminded that all participants must name their activities "Everesting for Second Chances" in the Strava app.

Yes, all indoor activities will be recognised.

Both indoor and outdoor attempts will be recognized for this campaign.
No, manual activities will not be recognised for this event.

We highly recommend Mount Faber (estimated 115 loops in total) to attempt this challenge as we have Ciclo E Caffe acting as the base camp support during this campaign period. Please approach the staff of the caffe to show them your participation email to prove that you are a participant of HCSA Everesting for Second Chances 2023. An area will be reserved for participants to rest and resupply. Supply of drinking water and ice will be provided too, for additional request, kindly check in with the staff.

An alternative would be Lorong Sesuai, however this will be fully self-supported.
Please ensure that your Strava profile and privacy settings have been set to public. If your Strava privacy setting is not set to public, our leaderboard will not be able to identify your activities. We advise you to upload your activities as soon as you complete them.
We are unable to edit the details recorded by Strava. We advise participants to ensure their GPS signal is strong throughout their activities and consistently check that Strava is recording. Be sure to do a final check before ending the activity.

Create a Strava account and click on this link:

Alternatively, check out this link:
No, you can continue to use your existing preferred app, such as a Garmin Edge, to record your activities; as long as you can sync and upload them to STRAVA. We only recognize all recorded activities uploaded onto STRAVA.
We do not recommend tagging your teammates in any Strava activities for this campaign. Tagging your fellow teammates will create a double entry of the same activity and this can create errors in the leaderboard.
There are a couple of reasons why they could be missing:
  • You have recorded your activity prior to linking your Strava account to the challenge. Our system can only recognize activities that are recorded after linking. Please email us at to have your prior rides synced.
  • You have set an incorrect activity type on Strava. For #EverestingforSecondChances, our system will only recognize cycling activities. You should select either "Ride" or "E-Bike" or "Virtual Ride".
  • Your activity may have been flagged and removed. Our team reserves the right to moderate and remove such rides if they are proven to be invalid or have breached our campaign rules.
  • Your activity may have overlapped with another activity. Our system is built to automatically detect overlapping activities (by time). It automatically removes one of the overlapping rides and retains the activity with the highest amount of elevation recorded.
  • You may have violated some Singapore Traffic Rules. In such cases, HCSA reserves the right to remove these activities.
If your activities are missing, please contact us at for further follow up.
Updating of information
No, you cannot switch your teams.
No, you cannot withdraw from the team that you signed up with.
No, you cannot withdraw from the team that you have signed up with.
Other FAQs

Everesting for Second Chances works on an honour system. Each participant should uphold their own integrity and complete the challenge to the best of their abilities in a safe manner.

HCSA reserves the right to disqualify any Strava entry or participants if found to be dishonest or have violated any rules and regulation of Land Transport Authority in Singapore.
HCSA will vet every activity logged by participants. If you notice any suspicious activity, please contact us at
The entire activity will not be recognised if any segment of it is performed on expressways or tunnels in Singapore. We strongly urge all participants to abide by all traffic regulations during outdoor attempts.
We strongly urge all participants to abide by all traffic rules and regulations enforced in the country they are residing in and to execute the activity in a safe manner that does not put other road users at risk.
Watopia's "Road to Sky", Alpe Du Zwift, is the recommended map if you are participating in this campaign virtually.

Magene and Elite have proudly supported our campaign by allowing their products to be purchased at a discounted price during this campaign period over here:

We would highly recommend you to participate in our physical event happening on 1 July ( as not only there is medical but also technical support as well.

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